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About Us

This company exists as a labour of love and a belief that every dog should have the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life – for as long as we are blessed with their presence.

A bit of history…


In April 2015 our 6 year old Shepherd, Avery, died suddenly in her sleep. We were devastated. Worse Avery’s littermate Jethro mourned her passing. And that made us even more distressed. So - we did what every other loving dog owner does – we bought a puppy.

Meike was born May 21, 2015. She would come home in early July.

We panicked! What would Jethro think of a new puppy? He’d never been around puppies! In fact, Jethro had always been ‘special’. He had a number of health challenges that had limited his exposure to other dogs, and as a result his social graces are a bit lacking.

We went looking for help and found Cheryl Smith.

Cheryl is a recognized as a preeminent canine behavioural specialist with 40 years’ experience in training dogs and is endorsed by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a pioneer and recognized international expert in canine training and behaviour. Cheryl began re-training Jethro (and us!) to get him ready for this energetic addition to our household.

In fact, on the day Meike came home, Cheryl met us in the driveway of our house. She facilitated the successful integration of a 140 lb Jethro and 9 week old Meike (who was all of about 9 pounds) in about 5 minutes!

Meike and Jethro are now inseparable. Furthermore Jethro has been revitalized. And Meike has gone through every training opportunity available for her age group with Cheryl.

We believe in Cheryl, her philosophies and proven methods. She is passionate about what she does, and we want to ensure that anyone who needs her services will have access to them.

This is Avery’s Gift.

Cindi & David Delcorde

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Contact Us

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17 Grenfell Cres Unit#1, Nepean, Ontario Canada K2G 0G3, (613) 695-0TAG (0824) 

Phones are answered 9:00 AM - 6 PM Monday to Friday, weekends from 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM.