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Family Pet

Classes for all your needs

LEVEL 1 (6 Weeks) $158.99

For dogs not eligible for the Puppy Programme or without previous formal training.

The six week programme will provide a reliable response to basic obedience cues and life skills that enable appropriate social interaction with humans and other dogs:

  • Body Position Cues: Sit, Down and Stand
  • Voluntary Eye Contact to improve focus
  • Reliable Recall
  • Enjoyable Leash Walking
  • Greeting skills inside and outside the home with other dogs and people
  • Increasing tolerance for handling by family and strangers

Where possible, some off-leash play may be included to allow for continued social development. Experienced instructors will present effective techniques to ensure success with the training material.

LEVEL 2 (6 Weeks) $158.99

Pre-requisite - successful completion of Family Pet Level 1 or equivalent

This six week programme will emphasize increased reliability and precision of all basic obedience cues from Family Pet Training 1. Additional Body Position cues of Swing, Place and/or Side will be introduced.

Improving your dog’s ability to concentrate in an active environment will be stressed. Effective techniques will enhance the relationship that you continue to build with your dog throughout the programme.

LEVEL 3 (6 Weeks) $158.99

Pre-requisite - successful completion of Family Pet Level 2 or equivalent

This class ensures increased reliability to cues for appropriate responses both on and off leash in a wide variety of typical life situations. Yes, your dog will be able to successfully run past and ignore a cheeseburger.

LEVEL 4 (6 Weeks) $158.99

Pre-requisite: successful completion of Family Pet Level 3 or equivalent

This class is conducted completely off-leash. Dogs will be required to ignore and continue to work in proximity to a wide variety of difficult distractions.

Training Exercises will include:

  • Precision walking on both the left and right side
  • Drop on Recall
  • Retrieving on the flat and over low jumps
  • Individual and Group routines
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17 Grenfell Cres Unit#1, Nepean, Ontario Canada K2G 0G3, (613) 695-0TAG (0824) 

Phones are answered 9:00 AM - 6 PM Monday to Friday, weekends from 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM.