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My Dog NOSE it


$158.99 + HST**

The six-week program will provide a basic overview of techniques for AIR SCENTING. A dog’s nose is a marvellous thing! Scent work teaches your dog to use its natural ability and provides a mutually fun and rewarding experience. Your dog is taught to find a person by locating and following the ‘scent cone’ that we all emit and to signal when the person is found. This training is an excellent way to provide both mental and physical stimulation which results in a relaxed and happy dog and a proud and happy owner. Children especially have fun hiding and being ‘found’ by their dog.

Topics covered:

  • How your dog’s nose works
  • Finding the ‘scent cone’
  • Increasing focus and motivation
  • Techniques for successful location of a person

*It is normal for dogs to have some level of excitement during the first class, this may result in barking, inability to concentrate and some sensitivity to encroachment in personal space.
If your dog demonstrates excessive behaviour in any of these categories we will transfer you to a class designed specifically to address these issues.

**Loyalty Pricing Available

A video from one of our students...

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